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Register for FaceIt

FaceIt is a platform for improving your skills, monitor your progress, and join community competitions. It’s free.


Add CS:GO, Region, and Anti-Cheat

Add CS:GO as your game of choice in your settings, and select 'SEA' as your region. You must also download and install the FaceIt Client. Anti-Cheat is a must in the CSGO2ASIA League, so make sure you have the anti-cheat installed too.


Discord Voice Communications

Voice communication is mandatory in the CAL. We require the use of Discord for voice communications. The CAL utilizes a unique system of auto-voice room creation thanks to CAL Bot! After joining our Discord, head to the #roles channel and get yourself the 'CAL PLAYER' Role.


Sync your Account

To get the full experience of CAL, you need to sync your account with our servers. Head over to our support panel and do so now. You need to be logged in to Discord and FACEIT.


Click Play

You're all set! Join the correct division based on your FACEIT level, jump in the queue and press 'Play'. Be sure to park yourself in the 'WAITING ROOM' in our Discord server and the CAL Bot will take care of the rest! GLHF!


Help, I'm confused

Check out our FAQ and read our RULES to understand more.