Please read all the rules carefully.

All CAL rules will be applied in all facets of CAL and any partnered competitions.

All global FACEIT rules will be applied within CAL.

If you want to report someone, please use the report form here: REPORT FORM

For other matters, how to join, how to fix AC, check our frequently asked questions READ FAQ


  • The overall rule is simple: Behave. Be respectful of others.
  • All players are required to have a valid steamID registered to their FACEIT account.
  • All players are required to download and install Discord
  • All players are required to have a functioning microphone.
  • We DO NOT offer 24/7 live support. Our admins work as volunteers and are online as much as possible.
  • Before asking a question, please read our FAQ
  • The CAL language is English. We offer support in English only.
  • CAL is a Solo-Queue hub and hence playing on LAN or premade lobbies are strictly not allowed
  • Do not spam or advertise (self promotion, giveaways, non-related URLs etc) anywhere within CAL.
  • The abuse of reports is strictly prohibited.
  • Intentionally Dodging games will result in a ban, if found by the admin team.
  • Intentionally lowering your elo in normal faceit games to stay in hubs or for the leaderboard is not allowed.
  • It is forbidden to use loopholes in our rules. Any and all decisions are at the sole discretion of CAL admin team and it’s partners.


Captain Picks

Captains are assigned by ELO (all divisions). The captain with the highest ELO picks first. The pick phase is structured A-BB-AA-BB-A.

Server Settings

  • Friendly-fire is ON.
  • All servers have the official competitive ruleset that is used for majors.
  • Timeouts: You can call a timeout using the in-game escape menu vote selector, creating a timeout that will last 60 seconds.
  • Each team will have 2 tactical timeouts of 60-seconds throughout the game.
  • The !pause feature is enabled for use to call an admin or for serious technical issues only.

Map Pool

The official Valve competitive map pool applies:

  • Dust 2
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Ancient
  • Vertigo

Contacting an Admin

  • Abusing the contact admin button while in the veto/selection process will result in a 12-hour queue ban. If there is actually an issue, then you may use the #cal-support channel in our Discord server for any help. The contact admin button does not give notification to an admin hence you have to post a cancellation request in #cal-support channel on our Discord.
  • The server !pause function is enabled. Each team has a 3-minute pause enabled. This is to be used to contact an admin if there are any issues.
  • It is strictly prohibited to abuse the !pause function. Players caught doing so will be issued an instant 1st warning and 1-day queue ban.


  • Voice communication is an extremely important part of the CAL experience. Not communicating is disruptive to other players in CAL and we take this aspect very seriously. Because it is difficult to enforce, we have an automated BOT to place you in your respective voice channels. A unique warning & punishment has been set up for those failing to communicate:*

  • You are required to download and install Discord and utilize the app for in-game communication.

  • Failing to communicate and/or join discord will result in a single warning and 1-day queue ban.

  • Players receiving Five (5) or more warnings in a single season for no communication will be banned permanently.

  • English must be spoken at all times in all areas of CAL.

  • This includes but is not limited to: Communicating with admins, Discord voice and text, in-game voice and text, hub overview chat and direct messages.

  • You must own and use a functioning microphone to participate in CAL. Players who are found to be without a functioning microphone will be issued the first warning until they can prove to an admin that they have a functioning microphone.

  • All players must be present in their team’s Discord channel for the duration of the match and communicate therein (unless specified by an admin to use in-game communication).

  • Do not be disruptive in the voice chat. That means no songs/soundbytes, keep communication clear during games and keep it to primarily in game-related.

  • Ongoing games are not eligible for cancellation due to technical issues with Discord. If technical issues arise then in-game communication will be used while a game is in progress.

  • If Discord is banned from your country, you may request to use in-game voice to communicate with your team. Failure to communicate at all will result in a warning.


All forms of cheating are strictly forbidden, including but not limited to ESP (wallhacks, radar hacks), aim hacking (silent aim, aim botting, trigger betting) and mobility hacks. Players caught cheating will be permanently banned from the CSGO2ASIA League.

All forms of scripting and macros are forbidden, including but not limited to:

  • Bunnyhop scripts/macros.
  • Accuracy scripts or single-bullet fire scripts.
  • Anti-recoil scripts/macros.
  • Name change scripting.
  • Offensive text binds.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • Buy binds.
  • Jump throw scripts.
  • Non-offensive text binds.

Exploits are forbidden, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Pixel walking.
  • Transparent textures.
  • General game bug exploits.

FACEIT Enhancer / Auto-accept scripts

We allow the use of these plugins on our platform, however, any and all issues resulting from their use, including queue bans are your own responsibility.


Registering multiple FACEIT accounts is against the FACEIT Terms of Service and is strictly prohibited. All alternate accounts will be permanently banned from the CSGO2ASIA League and the main account will receive a 30 day ban and in some cases suspended from the FACEIT platform.

You may not register an alternate account for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Attempting to evade a FACEIT issued ban
  • Attempting to evade a CSGO2ASIA League issued ban
  • Attempting to evade a Valve issued ban (VAC/Game bans less than 365 days old)
  • Attempting to play at a lower skill level in order to win prizes
  • Attempting to play at a lower division to help boost friends/teammates

CSGO2ASIA League relinquishes all responsibility in the event of a FACEIT platform ban for:

  • Users wishing to switch to a different FACEIT account.
  • Users wishing to change the Steam account associated with their FACEIT account.
  • Users who lose access to either their Steam or FACEIT account. Refer to: and to ensure that your accounts are using the highest level of security.


We have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to toxicity in the CAL. Toxicity is the act of impacting the user experience in a disruptive way through the intentional use of negative behavior. This can involve but is not limited to:

  • In-game: Team killing, team flashing, trolling, ghosting, blocking, racist comments, revealing team position, etc.
  • Outside the game: Insulting language, spamming, harassing, racism, intentional verbal abuse, bullying, etc.

Division Chats

All divisions let you access a chat. The goal of this chat is to help build the community and let you find players. Keep these chats clean, it is strictly prohibited to:

  • Go after a previous teammate/opponent about a previous game.
  • Insult or tag someone in the intent to defame him.
  • Bully or belittle a player.
  • Use consistent profanity. This is common sense.
  • Any misbehavior will result in instant mute, repeated offenders will be given warnings which could result in a season ban.
  • Any arguments between players in/outside CAL matches are not welcome. All respective participants involved will be muted and continued misbehavior will result in warnings and/or queue bans.

1st Offence = Hub Chat Mute (5mins - 12 hours)
2nd Offence = 3-day queue ban
3rd Offence = Decision of Senior Admin

The above Queue ban time can vary from situation to situation depending on the admin team's discretion.

In-Game Behavior

  • Don’t try to help the other team or do things detrimental to your team’s members.
  • Players found intentionally leaving a game will result in a warning and 1-day queue ban.
  • Team killing without justification will result in an instant 1st warning and 1-day queue ban.
  • Racism, prejudice, political and religious comments and opinions are not tolerated.
  • Constant pinging of other users to the point of which they are annoyed can be viewed as harassment and actions may be taken against the instigator.
  • Throwing of games will be reviewed by CAL staff members and consequences can vary depending on the severity of the case (Force buying every round, 3/5 teammates complain about a user for that particular action, etc.)


Many CSGO2ASIA League players are also aspiring streamers, or in some cases already established streamers. We want to support this to the best of our ability, therefore we will not prohibit users from streaming their games when playing in the CSGO2ASIA League.

  • We strongly suggest that you use a delay, preferably a minimum of 30 seconds. This will help to protect you from the potential of an enemy team member viewing your stream for information they may abuse against you.
  • Please consider that if you stream without delay you are not only potentially impacting your own gameplay experience, but also the experience of your teammates who did not have any say in your decision to stream the game.
  • If you chose to stream - especially without delay - you will be warned by one of our admin first and if you continue to do the same you will be queue banned.
  • Stream sniping is forbidden. Anyone caught stream sniping will be issued a 7-day queue ban and have 2 warnings added to their total.

If you believe someone is stream sniping please report them and provide comprehensive and specific evidence.


Matches may be canceled under the following criteria or circumstances:

1. Server Instability

If a server issue presents itself before ten (10) rounds have been completed an admin will have the ability to cancel the match.After ten (10) rounds the game will be cancelled only if both captains agree.

Server instability is defined as:
An issue that is clear and identifiable by an admin either independently OR through the evidence supplied to an admin by the players.


  • First, set the server to !pause status
  • Server issues should clearly be seen to affect atleast (2/10) of players connected.
  • Players on the server must contact an admin on discord and provide evidence that the server is unstable.

Examples of Evidence:
Evidence should clearly show that the server has poor performance in the form of high latency, significantly high variance or crashing.

  • net_graph screenshots clearly showing an issue.
  • In-game clips or Twitch VODs that show beyond doubt that the server is the issue.
  • This evidence must be available upon demand and provided before the game can be considered for cancellation.

Please note: Server Instability issues that occur after 10 rounds are complete will require the majority (6/10 players) of both teams or both captains to agree to a cancellation. If no agreement can be reached the match will continue. Our admin team works tirelessly to be available as much as possible, but in case we do not respond in time, the game will have to continue.

2. Leavers and Multiple Leavers

Counter-Strike is a competitive game and often causes high tempers or frustration. A minority of players sometimes choose to leave a game early creating issues for the other players. If you wish to cancel a game due to a teammate leaving there are two sets of the procedure as detailed below.


  • First, set the !pause status in-game.
  • If a player/s gets a cooldown before going into the tenth round then an admin will have the ability to cancel the match.Please note that if the difference of rounds is more than 6 then the game will be cancelled only if both captains agree, for example if the score is 6-0 or more then both captains need to agree for cancellation.
  • If more than ten (10) rounds have been completed, then the majority of players in the server or both captains will have to agree to cancel the match (6/10).

3. Teammate does not have discord

  • An admin will only cancel the match if the team puts in a request in our discord #cal-support channel when the score is 0-0 with a screenshot of the score,you will also have to post a screenshot of the discord voice channel with the desktop timestamp showing the missing member on discord so we can verify and cancel the game.If put later the match will continue however the teammate without discord will be banned after the game.

Cancellations are not guaranteed, the investigating admin will make an informed decision on the need for cancellation.
All cancellations will be followed by a 12 hour ban to the person who caused the cancellation.


Valid reports will result in a warning. Three (3) warnings in a single season of CAL will result in a season ban. A breakdown of the warning/ban system can be seen below:

  • Queue bans are at the admin's discretion. Serious offenses can garner a longer queue ban.
  • Players found to be intentionally dodging games will be issued with a 1 day ban.
  • Players with 2 or more warnings on Toxic Behaviour/Griefing will have 1 warning brought over when a new season begins.
  • For players not falling under the rule as stated above, warnings will be reset at the start of each season.
  • If any offense is repeated the offender may be kicked or banned from CAL at the CAL staff discretion.
  • CAL staff have the final say in any decisions made. Disrespecting staff can result in further punishment.

Warning 1 = 1-Day Queue Ban
Warning 2 = 3-Day Queue Ban
Warning 3 = 7-Day Queue Ban
Warning 4 = 30-Day Queue Ban
Warning 5 = Permanent Hub Ban

Auto-Bans for ALL Divisions

  • User did not accept match: 5-minute cooldown
  • User was AFK: 30-minute cooldown
  • Captain did not pick players: 20 minutes cooldown
  • User left the game: 1-hour cooldown

CAL Staff will not remove auto-bans. Please see below for exceptions.

Ban Removal and Ban Appeals

All bans issued are either queue bans, hub bans or permanent bans (from the entire CAL). Queue bans are both automatic (leaver, AFK, etc) or issued because of a warning. If you would like to appeal your warning/ban, please submit an appeal using our APPEAL FORM

Queue Bans and Cooldowns

  • All manual bans handed out by our admin team won't be removed.
  • Only subscribers are eligible to have an auto-ban removed.
  • An admin may remove a queue ban based on good behavior and/or during periods of extremely low activity only.
  • We are not responsible for client-side issues such as power blackouts, PC crashes or Anti-Cheat issues.

The CSGO2ASIA League and its organisers reserve the right to amend these rules without prior notice.